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SDCCC Special Edition Bat

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Grade of Willow

We've partnered with one of the best bat makers in the United Kingdom to manufacture the vast majority of our cricket bats going forward.

Select your Shape

We are now offering all our customers the option to select your own bat shape with any of our stickers.  There are 5 new stock bat shapes on offer to suite a variety of different batting styles. All bats are supplied with a standard round handle.

Shape S1

The Mid to Low sweet spot is perfect for batsmen who prefer to play the majority of their shots off the front foot. This bat shape is also ideal when playing on slow and low wickets. There will be some scalloping to the back of the bat to help control the bat weight along with the pick up and balance of the bat. 

Shape S2

The S2 bat shapes features a standard mid sweet spot which perfect for all round stroke play on both front and back foot wickets. The bat also features a spine running through the tow which help elongate the sweet spot further. There will be moderate levels of concaving present to manage the bat weight while maintaining an excellent balance and pick up.

Shape S3

The S3 bat shape features a high-mid sweet spot which is perfect for players who play the majority of their shots off the back foot and play on fast bouncy wickets. The bat profile will feature moderate levels of concaving to maintain and excellent pick up and feel.

Shape S4

The S4 bat shape features a mid sweet spot and full profile with little to no concaving. This is a preferred shape to many of modern professionals. Please note that due to the full profile of the bats weights below 2lb10oz will be very rare.

Shape ST20

The ST20 bat has the overall length of standard SH bat but features a slightly longer handle and shorter blade length. This combined with a spine running through the tow of the bat creates and aggressive bat profile suited to shortest format of the game.


Unsure about bat grading or any of the features of our bats? Click here to get more info.

Please note all our cricket bats are made to order with our master bat maker. All bats will be made in approx 14days, though during busy periods throughout the year this may be longer. We will advise you if there are any expected delays.