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Mettle 3.1 Black/Orange - Hybrid Cut

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“A person's ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit and resilience.”
When the odds are stacked against you, will you show your mettle to keep your team in the fight?
  • PALM - Hybrid Cut
  • LATEX- 4mm Contact Latex
  • WRIST- Double Elastic Wrist Strap 
  • BACKHAND - Soft Neoprene - Silicone Punch Zone
  • FIT - Precise Fitting Glove

Weather: All Weather Glove. We recommend you wash and dry prior to use for optimal grip. 

Grip: The latex is super sticky 4mm Contact Latex also know as “Superior Latex”. This is one of the best latex used in the world and will provide an unmatched grip and feel on the ball. 

Cut: Our Hybrid Cut combines a roll finger and negative cut to give optimal grip and comfort. This cut of glove gives a second skin like fell on the ball.

Extras: The backhand features a silicone punch zone for added grip and flexibility. There is a double layer of latex in the heel of the palm to improve the durability of the glove.